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Do You Know Hamamatsu?

The city of Hamamatsu developed around Hamamatsu Castle, which was constructed around 450 years ago in the Sengoku Period. Surrounded on all four sides by the sea, mountains, lakes, and rivers, Hamamatsu is one of Japan’s gourmet capitals, with its unagi eel from Lake Hamana famed nationwide. The city bursts with blooming flowers in the spring, a result of its mild climate and some of the longest sunlight hours in the country. It has much to offer in the other seasons as well, with marine sports in the summer, temples with radiant fall foliage in the autumn, and hot springs and lit-up displays in the winter. Add Hamamatsu to your Japan itinerary and explore its wonders for yourself!

From Tokyo to Hamamatsu: Approx. 90 mins

Getting to Hamamatsu

Located in Shizuoka Prefecture, Hamamatsu sits between Tokyo and Osaka, so getting to the city is a breeze no matter where in Japan you are! It takes just 90 minutes on the shinkansen from either city to reach Hamamatsu, and 2 hours by car if you’re traveling from Chubu Centrair International Airport. Whether you choose to take the Tokaido Shinkansen, drive through the Tomei Expressway, or arrive via airplane, the sheer variety of transportation options to Hamamatsu makes the journey easy.

Access From Tokyo

Access From Osaka

*Not all “Hikari” bullet trains stop at Hamamatsu Station. Please check beforehand.

Hamamatsu YouTube

These videos showcase the best of Hamamatsu’s long history and diverse culture, including must-visit spots like Hamamatsu Castle, foods to eat, activities to try, and more!

Hamamatsu Experiences

There are many spots in Hamamatsu where you can experience authentic Japanese culture. We’ve selected several tours fitting a variety of interests - including outdoor activities, traditional crafts, Japanese history and culture, and more.


Unique Night Spearfishing Experience
May - September

Spearfishing is a unique and traditional form of fishing that has been practiced at Lake Hamana for over 100 years. Experience it for yourself between May and September at night! While you’re free to take your catches with you, why not have them cooked up at Takiya-tei, a raft floating on the lake?

Hamamatsu Flower Park Ticket
All year

This theme park on the edge of Lake Hamana has around 3,000 flower varieties to view and enjoy. Each season has its own special flowers, such as the springtime Cherry Blossom and Tulip Garden, alongside wisteria, roses, irises, and more.


One Day Zen Experience (Okuyama Houkouji)
All year

Okuyama Houkouji is a historic Zen temple established in the 14th century that offers visitors a wealth of casual Zen experiences. This includes relishing traditional Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, zazen meditation, sutra copying, and “shabutsu,” the art of tracing a Buddhist image.

Tea Plantation Tour & Cha-Kabuki Game
May - September

Dive into the world of Japanese tea with the help of a real tea farmer! You’ll get to explore beautiful tea plantation fields and a tea factory, as well as try your hand at “Cha-Kabuki,” a game where you have to try and guess the type of tea through tastings.

Soy Sauce Making Experience Tour
All year

Deepen your knowledge and appreciation of soy sauce - an essential element of Japanese cuisine. After touring a traditional soy sauce factory, you’ll be able to strain and make your very own brew! You’ll also be served fresh soy sauce paired with tofu!


The Traditional Dyeing Technique Hamamatsu Chusen Tour
All year

Hamamatsu is one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of yukata, which are dyed using the traditional method of “Hamamatsu Chusen.” On this tour, you’ll witness the masterful dyeing techniques of craftspeople, and even get the chance to try it at the factory yourself!

Stay in Hamamatsu!

You can easily find hotels in Hamamatsu online through booking websites. There are plenty of well-priced accommodations available, from traditional Japanese “ryokan” inns with hot spring baths to city hotels located right by the station.

Discover Hamamatsu!

Hamamatsu has something for everyone - historic sights, thrilling activities, delicious local food, luxurious accommodations, and more. Learn more about what this fantastic city has to offer here.